Find the Best and most trusted Wholesale and Drop Shipping Companies

OK, so I have received several emails from people asking me, “Vlad, how do you find products to sell on sites like amazon, eBay, or my own eCommerce store?” Well that is not an easy question to answer. The internet is littered with businesses claiming that if you join their site they will give you products that you can sell and make millions. Sounds too easy? Well of course. The hard truth is that in today’s fast paced internet lifestyle, there are millions of “middlemen” claiming to have the next “BIG” product. They feed you a bunch of BS and after you sign up, what do they offer you? A slinky? Well no, not really. They offer a bunch of BS they ordered from China. I have personally found anything from crappy bamboo floor mats to second hand kids toys. Well their products might be great and all but where are the profit margins. If I can only mark-up their product 5%, how am I supposed to make any money? I can’t! See these guys were in your chair, sitting there thinking about how they can make money online selling things. Well they decided to “act” as the wholesale supplier or drop shipper, and steal your hard earned money while they rake in 10-20% profit margins.
“Okay, okay Vlad, so what are you telling me then? How can I not be fooled by one of these middlemen?”
Well the best answer is to pay a small fee to gain access to a large directory of verified and certified wholesale and dropship businesses. I personally use, and recommend, SaleHoo. Not only do they have all the resources you need to get started but they also have a platform for you to sell products on too. Using this site is like taking candy from a baby. It is so easy to use and comes packed with thousands of hours of useful material necessary to get a successful eCommerce store up and running. This amazing website lets you connect with thousands of verified wholesalers, and unlike any other site like this, they allow you to turn around and sell those products directly to customers on their own site! This is a no brainer decision to anyone starting out. They even offer a 60-day risk-free trial.


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